Copyright (c) 2000 kypsoft
-version 1.1-
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Created by Joey Cato

What is Gorch's Quest?

     Gorch is the name of our young hero, , who must save his planet from the attack of a really nasty alien empire that indulges in galactic domination.
     To do this, he must navigate the catacombs of the Planetary Defense System Center that has been previously sabotaged, and locate the five crystals:
Once they are all collected, they must be installed in the main control room.
Doing so will activate the Planetary Defense Shield, protecting Gorch and the planet from certain doom.

If Gorch does not complete this mission, he risks the lives of billions of people, so he has a considerable amount of weight upon his shoulders.

Gorch's Quest is a sequel of sorts. First, there was Gorch, which is fully of flickery EGA graphics and poor design (e.g. triangle representation of a ship). Then there was Gorch II, a SVGA DOS Shoot-em-up, which was more decent in comparison.

Player Controls

Select Item In Inventory ENTER
Map Screen M
Exit Game From Main Menu: File + Exit
Save Game From Main Menu: File + Save Game
Load Game From Main Menu: File + Load Game
Help/Manual F1
From Main Menu: Help + Manual
Game Options From Main Menu: Options + Settings

Game Objects


Walk onto this to hitch a ride. It can carry you safely across firey lava, most monsters, and pits..


You can push this around, which may help solve a puzzle when you're in a tough bind.


Don't walk between these unless you want to become a fried space hero.


Get on this to make a quick getaway, or avoid this for reasons of safety.


Throw this and it will go through any number of monsters in its path, and it isn't stopped by any obstacle.


There are five keycards in the game (red,orange,yellow,blue, and green.) You will need these keycards to get into the colored doors. Once a door is opened, it remains open.


Drop it. Wait. It go boom.


These are the monsters you will encounter in the game. Shoot them and sometimes you can reap a reward. Some of the die-hard Gorch II fans (crickets chirping) may recognize some of these critters.


Step on this and you'll explode.


Walk into one of these, and it will transport you to another warp spot in the same room.


Read this to find out information about something in the room.


Gorch gains an extra life.


Step on these to open the metal doors.


  • Room Panning
  • OpenGL Texture Mapping (Walls)
  • Collision Detection
  • Animation
  • Design Flexibility
  • Map Editor
  • Object-Oriented Design


    Q: There are some problems with screen refresh.
    A: If you're running a very slow machine, you may encounter such problems. Try changing your desktop resolution to 1024x768

    Q: The screen panning between rooms is VERY slow.
    A: Go into options and disable panning. (NT users may experience this)

    Q: Why isn't the game running under Windows 95?
   A: Make sure you have the latest versions of MSVCRT.DLL and MFC42.DLL installed.

    Q: Where I can find OpenGL drivers for my system?
    A: Try

    Q: Why do the walls look funny?
    A: You may need to install OpenGL drivers. See question above.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000
  • Disk Space: 2MB
  • Pentium 300 MHz / AMD 400 MHz
  • 64MB (128MB recommended)