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What is Paper, Rock, Scissors 2000?

Unless you've been living under a "rock", then you're already familiar with the the canonical rules of Paper, Rock, Scissors, that game you played  with your siblings during the family roadtrips. But, in case you haven't:

Paper Beats Rock
Rock Beats Scissors
Scissors Beats Paper
Dynamite Beats Paper, Rock, Scissors
Nuke Beats Everything Else


   Paper, Rock, Scissors 2000 is essentially this same game, but with a twist of strategy added. The game takes place on a 8x8 grid,
where each turn, a player receives a random piece. They must drop the piece on an empty tile on the grid.

 If at any time, a piece lays adjacent to another piece that would normally beat it (via the PRS rules), then that piece is destroyed and replaced with a victory flag.

The winner is the player with the most victory flags at the end of the game. 

In situations where both offense and defense could simultaneously score, defense overrides offense (unless the Preemptive Strike option is disabled.)

If you like the theme, it is also available here, as an MP3, with much better quality. Special Thanks goes to Will McWhorter for composing this little ditty. If you get the chance, check out his other music, too!

Registered Version Features (Only $15)

  • Multiplayer via Internet/LAN
  • Land Mine Option (A random tile contains a hidden mine, which instantly destroys a dropped piece)
  • Treasure Chest Option (A random tile earns you 1 victory flag) 
  • Nuke Weapon